WEDDINGS - Fioristi Menta e Rosmarino

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Every wedding must be unique and unforgettable and its flower arrangement it’s a key factor for this goal.

A carefully-judged combination of precious flowers, special attention and care towards the little details and refined atmospheres are the special ingredients that allow each wedding to become a special and exclusive event.

Being able to create this special formula, so that your special day will be a perfect and unforgettable one, is our first commitment.
Our experience allows us to be able to conciliate perfectly the solemnity of the religious service with the joyful mood of the wedding reception.

As first objective we want to give the bride with a customized solution for the creation of her unique and unforgettable bridal bouquet.

Classic or modern, Intimate or majestic, sumptuous or simple, with a religious or a civil ceremony, no matter how you want to imagine and celebrate your wedding we are ready to understand your style and ideas and, thanks to our experience, we will help you to transform your day in a “once in a lifetime” event.

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